Silent in the swollen night,

I stole myself away

to find our ancient, lonely wood.

Beneath the sky I lay.


And, now, I look up at the stars,

the planets and the moon,

while pungent fragrances of dream

dispel themselves too soon.


I turn my clash of thoughts to find

that place where last we’d met –

the hidden glade, the lucent lake.

I never will forget.


We sat upon the grasses there,

and sought each other’s heart

within our penetrating gazes –

tied, yet still apart.


Now, in this night – eternal night!

I wait for you and weep.

I cannot bear to leave this place,

to wake, again to sleep.


Why does this night take so long?

How does it breathe so quiet?

Strength all spent, just memory now,

my thoughts are left to riot.


At least this night is soft and silent,

here inside our wood.

My mind is set, my heart is bent –

I stand where once we stood


and swear to never leave this place,

not even if I could.


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© Copyright 2005 Susan M. Botich