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Synopsis for my science-fiction novel, The Dream Star:

Kalindi, a Dreamer-seer and devoted follower of The Way, is guided by a terrifying Dream to journey with a fascinating stranger named Atman to the distant holy city of the Ancient Ones to rid their land of intruding alien beings. Along the way, she discovers that everything she believed to be true about her world, Tamar, is a deception.

Kalindi sets out on a journey that leads her to find love, uncover the truth about her people’s mysterious ancestors, and inspire an interplanetary revolution.

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Synopsis for Enchantments, a verse-novel:  

Enchantments is an allegorical tale told in prose and verse.

Our storyteller is E’lienna, daughter of Lady Claire, a human, and Gle’anden, prince of elves of E’alowen.

Though born and raised in the elfin land of E’alowen, E’lienna longs to better understand her human lineage. She sets out from E’alowen and into human lands. There, she visits the wizened Mage of Dur, a long-time friend to her parents. She discovers that the wizard is secretly working to help bring about a new age throughout the land of humankind. For he reveals to her that a babe, born of a king, has been secretly hidden away until such time when he is grown so that he may fulfill a prophesy made long ago of a king of men who will grow to rule the land with justice and mercy.

Through her quest to find out more about her mother’s past and her own place in the world, E’lienna discovers that her personal longing for understanding also threads into a much larger design – how deeply entwined the worlds of men and elves truly are and how much they need one another.

 Enchantments excerpt:

 My name is E’lienna. I am daughter to a human woman and an elfin prince. Both bloods flow within my veins, the human and the elfish. This very thing it is which brings up longing deep within me, a longing in my heart and mind to find my own place in both worlds.

Born into a time of change for elf and humankind alike, I have always sought out answers far beyond my elfin kin’s embrace. Many stories tell of how the worlds of men and elves are weaving. This is my own story. So, listen if you’ve mind to hear, and I’ll recount my tale to you in that fashion keeping with the long-held elf tradition; poetry and prose entwining.  


Read a sample verse-chapter from Enchantments: The Elves  


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